Lake Cooby

Located just 40 minutes from our park – Lake Cooby is a top choice to visit during your next stay.

Recreational facilities are open in two areas of the Lake; Loveday Cove and the Dam Wall Picnic Area.

Enjoy boating, windsurfing, fishing and bush walking, however swimming and dogs are not permitted, so best to enjoy during a stay without your four-legged friends.

Opening hours differ slightly depending on the season your visit.

Loveday Cove is open from 6am to 8pm (September to April) and from 7am to 6pm (May to August). It’s the perfect place for fishing and boating activities as well as group picnics. Sailing and canoeing can be safely enjoyed as only electric motors are permitted. 

The Dam Wall picnic area is open 6am to 8pm (September to April) and from 7am to 6pm (May to August). This area provides a quiet spot to enjoy bush walking and a picnic before or after, with tables available.


  • Where:

    Cooby Dam, Groomsville
    QLD 4352
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