Toowoomba Salt Cave

Have you ever experienced a Salt Cave? Try it during your next visit with us. Salt Therapy is a method many athletes use to soothe muscles and help speed up recovery. It’s also extremely relaxing. You can also enjoy massage and Tai Chi classes.

Located in the heart of our city in James Street, The Toowoomba Salt Cave is the ideal outing. You’ll experience for yourself the ambience of the cave is very calming and peaceful, which enhances the therapeutic benefits of Salt Therapy.

Safe for all ages equals fun for all – however it may be best to leave the little ones back at the park with another family member and make the most of this for yourself!

Contact The Toowoomba Salt Cave directly to secure your preferred time or check out their website to learn more.


  • Where:

    192 James Street, Toowoomba City
    QLD 4350
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